5 most common planning mistakes


These are the 5 most common planning mistakes that we see

There are a lot of horror stories around planning permission so if you are going to need it its essential that you get it right. Get it wrong and it could cause serious delayings to your project and prove extremely expensive

If you are getting an Architect to design your project it is always a wise move to ask them if they have experience in dealing with the local council. If they have ask them to take charge of your planning application

Also you should be aware that once you submit a planning application you have no control over how long it takes

It depends on the complexity of your application and how busy the planning department are

You should expect a delay of 6 weeks at the minimum. But you may be waiting 6 months or sometimes several years

For this reason it is essential that you work with someone who has dealt with your local planning office before

Not using the pre APP with the local council.

People don’t want to use this as they feel it is extra cost. This gives a chance for the council to consider your proposal and give an indication of if it will be accepted and if not why. This could mean months of appeals during which you will not be able to change the design. The pre APP decreases risk. It allows you to change your design to one that will be accepted on a full application

Misuse of permitted development rights.

PD is not always the best route to take. It means you have to limit your design to the constraints of PD. Sometimes builders will push people not to go for full planning. They either don’t understand the process or don’t want to wait. Make sure you get independant advice from a Professional

Using PD and not getting a certificate of lawful development.

This is a certificate that says your development has been constructed with all the correct permissions and documents from the planning office and building control. This will cause serious problems when you go to sell or refinance the property if you dont have it.

Not knowing local constraints.

These could be conservation areas, article 4 areas, listed buildings, protected viewing corridors. Each area in the country is different. Work that was carried out without any objection in one part of the country may encounter serious objections from the council in another area

Poor design.

When making a planning application you are putting forward a reasoned argument for why your application should be approved. So a good design should be included. Some firms say they specialise in this and have local planning knowledge, and they may well have a successful track record of getting planning applications approved. Planning knowledge is essential but without good design it is useless. Again this is an area where working with an Architect who has experience in dealing with the local planning department is very useful

These are only the 5 most common planning mistakes people make. However there are many more

At Evbi Projects we have experience in dealing with planning applications so please contact us with any queries you may have here.















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