Asking a builder for a competency matrix

When you engage a contractor to work for you it is customary to ask them for a competency matrix.

What is a competency matrix?

This is a list of everyone who they will be bringing onto your project and what qualifications and skill cards they have. This is sometimes called a skills matrix

Who issues skill cards?

There are several different construction trade bodies who issue skill cards

These will tell you if the individuals are fully qualified tradesmen, apprentices or part qualified

It will have the date the card was issued and when it expires

Anyone who is a qualified Electrician, Gas fitter, Scaffolder, plumber, Welder, bricklayer etc should have one. There are also cards for labourers but not general builders

Most of these cards are issued by the CITB

Electricians it will be the JIB

Gas fitters should be on the gas safe register

Scaffolders will have a CISRS card

Are there any other types of cards?

In addition there are specialist cards for jobs like excavator driver, mobile scaffold tower erector, plant operator to name a few

It is important that everybody holds the right cards for the work they are going to carry out

In the event of an accident this is one of the first things the HSE will ask to see

You can be held responsible for accidents if the case ends up in court as they will want to know why you were allowing people to carry out activities that they were not trained for

It is a form of insurance for you that everybody on your project has the correct certification

It is always useful when you are sending out tender packs to individual contractors to ask for a copy of their competency matrix

Any reputable professional contractor will have no problem supplying this

If they don’t it will raise questions about their professionalism and suitability for the contract

It may be the case that most of their employees are labourers and handymen. But they will still try to charge you the rates for skilled men

When people say my builder is no good there is a good chance they didn’t check his skills

You should never feel awkward Asking a builder for a competency matrix. Any reputable builder will be happy to supply one

These are not just for big projects

On professional construction projects it is the rule that if you don’t have the correct card you are not working here. Simple as that. There is no reason why these standards should drop just because you are running a small refurb project. After all its in your own interest that everyone working on your project has the correct qualifications and insurances

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