Be honest with your builder about your budget

For a successful project be honest with the builder about your budget

Many people make the mistake of not being honest with their builder about how much they have got to spend. They are worried that if they tell him how much they have to spend , that’s what he will charge. This attitude comes from the suspicion that the builder will try to rip them off

This is a business

Going into a business/ financial agreement with someone and having the mindset that they are going to rip you off is not a good place to start. Lets use an example of someone with 50K to spend. They will tell the builder everything they want done and tell him they have 40K to spend. They think they are being prudent by keeping 10K in reserve. But in reality they are making the chance of them getting the finished job they want less likely

Whatever happens the builder has to make some profit

If the builder can’t make a profit, then it’s not worth him doing the job. When he looks at the full scope of works he may feel it’s going to be a struggle to get everything done and still make a profit. So he will buy everything at the lowest specification he can. As the job progresses the client will come and look at it and will not be happy. They will tell people that their builder is no good . The builder will explain that it’s the best he could do on that budget. The client will then say that actually they have another 10K available. If the builder had known that he could have spent another 4K on materials that were a far better spec and the client would have been much happier. Doing that is going to slow your project down and annoy the builder

There is a better way to deal with a scenario like that

The client could have given the builder the full details of what they wanted. They could have said that they had 50K to spend if needed, but would prefer for the cost to be more in the 40K region. Then the builder could have given them the 2 options. The first is what they could get for 40K and the next option for 44K. Transparency will get you a lot further then suspicion. Communication is key to a successful project, no matter what the size

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