Essentials from a builder before he starts



Once you have decided on the builder who is going to carry out your refurb there are a couple of essentials you want to ask from him before he starts

These are just to put your mind at rest and protect you


These are the first thing you want to see. These should be Public liability, Employers liability and Contractors all risk. Do not let work start until you have copies of these

CDM Liability

Confirm in writing that he is happy to assume CDM responsibilities and will undertake the duties of Principal Contractor

Understood survey findings

If you are doing any structural alterations as part of the refurbishment works then you should have got a Refurbishment and Demolition survey. A homebuyers survey is not enough. If the R+D survey has detected the presence of asbestos make sure your builder has taken this into account and will take the correct steps to deal with it

Competency Matrix

This is a list of everyone who will be working on your project. It will list their trade skills and records of their Health and Safety training. It will also list anyone who has had First Aid training along with anyone who has any special skills such as digger driver or scaffold erector

Signed Contract

If you don’t have one of these in place then you are basically just giving a large amount of money to him and hoping for the best

If you have all of these in place before your project starts you will have a great deal of legal protection against any unforeseen incidents. You will also be in a good position if there are any disagreements regarding quality of work or money

These are just a few basic things to give you peace of mind before work starts

What you will need to give the builder

Don’t forget a project is a 2 way thing

Just as you require certain things from your builder, he will require certain things from you

Make sure you have the correct drawings, detailed spec and a programme ready for him

If you have agreed to supply any materials make sure you have got the deliveries organised

Don’t expect him to be a mind reader and know what you want

Discuss everything with him and be precise on details

Its no good complaining your builder is no good if you havent explained everything to him

If you have followed all the above steps, you will have built a solid foundation for a successful project

Of course things can still go wrong and will need to be dealt with at the time when they arise


If you need any help with a project please contact us

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