Builder wants to rip me off

Every Builder wants to rip me off and drink tea all day

Well that’s not a very nice thing to say. It’s also not true. Unfortunately however a lot of people have this impression of builders

Many people have had bad experiences with builders. That’s why they say ” Every builder wants to rip me off and drink tea all day”. They may have been overcharged or been unhappy with the quality of work. In these cases there are several things they can do

Builders are Human beings just like the rest of us

You wouldn’t say this about a particular racial or religious group so why is it alright to say it about builders? They are just like any other group of people, you have good ones and bad ones and everything in between. Treat them like you want to be treated and you wont go far wrong.

Builders/tradesmen are very skilled people. They may have spent years at College or University. They bring numerous different skill sets to a project. And they are not coming to your job to work for free or do your job on the cheap. Just because you think what they are charging is expensive doesn’t mean they are trying to rip you off. Before you invite builders to price for a job make sure you know what the going rate is for this particular job. Otherwise how are you going to know if they are expensive or trying to rip you off?

The importance of contracts

It’s very important that you have a contract with your builder before the job starts. The agreed price for the job should be written into the contract before work starts. There should also be details of how you will agree the price of any extra work that may come up during the job. Payment terms and dates should be clearly detailed in the contract. Make sure that the full scope of the project is included .

When everything is detailed in a contract it will be a point of reference for both of you if there are any disputes later on in the project. Both the client and the builder should be happy with it before they sign it. They both need to understand not only their own responsibilities but also those of the other party

They want to drink tea all day!!!

As for drinking tea all day no one begrudges a working man a cup of tea. If they seem to be drinking tea all day then it’s up to your Project Manager to go and lay the law down. And if you are managing the project yourself, well what are you waiting for? Well run projects should have set break times. Everyone should be made aware of these on the first day that they start work there

A refurb project is a business project

Running a successful project as a commercial enterprise should be treated like every other business venture. Its no good saying my builder is no good if you are not running the job properly. Your staff are your greatest asset. Consequently they are the ones who are going to make you money.

Treat the first meeting with a builder/tradesman who has come to look at your job and submit a price, the same way as you would if you were interviewing any candidate for a job. If your opening line is “Hello mate have you come to rip me off and drink tea all day?” its hardly likely that you will attract the best candidate

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