How do you find builders

If you are just getting started in property development you are probably asking yourself “ how do I find builders?

It can seem like a minefield if you don’t know any. But there are several places you can start looking

Professional organisations

The federation of Master builders is a good place to start looking. They have a link on their website here that allows you to search for any builders in your area who are members of the FMB. In addition any builder applying for membership will have had their previous projects inspected to make sure they can produce work to a high standard

The Chartered Institute of Building offer the same kind of service. On their website here  you can contact them and check for companies and individuals who are Chartered members. There is a rigorous selection procedure to become a member so you can be sure you are working with high calibre companies and individuals

However any company who is a member of the FMB or CIOB will probably be in demand and will charge premium prices

Review sites

There are numerous review sites on the internet. While there are undoubtably many quality companies and tradesmen on there, you should exercise caution. It has been known in the past for people to put their own fake reviews on there to get business

Personal reccomendation

Of course this is the ideal way to find builders. But if you don’t have friends or family who can recommend any then you are back to square one. It is often said that the way to find good tradesmen is to ask other builders who they know. This is not always guaranteed. Sometimes they will just reccomend their friends or family, whether they are any good or not

Reccomendations from professionals

Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Construction Consultants are good people to ask. They will usually have extensive experience of working with a different range of contractors. Therefore they will be able to recommend who to use and more importantly who to avoid

Looking for them yourself

If all the above fail then it is time to go out and look for them yourself. Builders and tradesmen are everywhere. If you see a building project going on near you, take a note of the phone numbers on the side of the vans. If you see one standing outside the job, go up and introduce yourself. Tell them you have a project starting soon and would they be available? That way when you phone them in the future they will remember talking to you.

Builders merchants are a good place to look. There is usually a notice board inside where tradesmen pin their business cards. Ask the people working there if they can recommend anyone. Take a trip past your local café and see if there are any vans parked outside. If you see any builders sitting inside then go in there and introduce yourself and ask for a business card. If your intended project is outside of your home area, take a drive up there and use the same methods

Whatever method you choose you will sometimes just have to go on gut instinct. We wish you luck!


Sourcing builders and tradesmen for our clients is one of the many services  we offer

If you need help with finding builders please contact us

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