How To Choose A Builder


Choosing a builder is a critical decision that will determine how successful and stress free your project is going to be

You should have already been through the stages of phoning various builders to establish interest and then out of the most promising you should have sent out tender packs for them to look at

By this stage the only ones left will be the ones who are serious and have replied with the information you requested. You should also have taken them around the project for them to see what’s involved

By now you will probably have 5 or less left who have priced for the job

So how do you choose who is the best?

It is never wise to go for the lowest quote

Builders put low prices in for a number of reasons. They may be inexperienced and have quoted too low.

This will cause problems later on when they realise they cant do it for the price they quoted and will ask for more money that you haven’t budgeted for.

This could lead to them walking off leaving you with a half finished project.

Or it may lead to them cutting corners and producing a finished job that you are not happy with

Another reason for a low quote is the builder is intending to bring your attention to things that need doing that you have missed. And you will end up having to pay extra to complete the project

It tends to be the case that the one who has shown the most interest, has replied promptly to emails and phone calls and has provided you with everything you have asked for is usually the best one to go for

He may be the most expensive. But you should be basing your choice on who can offer the best value not the cheapest price

And sometimes you just have to go on gut instinct

However we have already discussed the topic of being too quick to judge builders when we asked can you judge a builder on first impressions?

Its important to be able to work with the builder. So it’s got to be someone you feel you can get on with

A good place to start is deciding who you couldn’t get on with. That will cut your list down


For smaller jobs it is not necessary to send out tender packs as these can be time consuming to create.

Although you should always take extra time preparing a detailed Specification document. No matter how small the project any builder needs this to be able to price for the job accurately

When comparing quotes its important that you have like for like quotes. So make sure the builders have priced for everything on your spec

But you still need to take your time and make the right choice

Once you start your project you are stuck with your builder for the duration

One of the most common things we hear is I have fallen out with my builder

A good builder can make your project seem effortless and make you more money than you had hoped for

A bad builder can make your life a misery and wreck your plans

So take your time and choose wisely

At Evbi Projects we have decades of experience managing projects and working with builders. If you would like any help or advice with your next project please contact us for a free no obligation chat to see how we can help you

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