How to make a small fortune in property with no experience

Would you like us to tell you how to do it?

That’s easy

Start with a large one

Its amazing the amount of people who think they can enter the world of property development with no experience and make a fortune

Imagine the situation if you wanted to make a fortune selling Ferraris

Would you order the body, 4 wheels and a thousand separate parts from the factory at the cost of a few hundred grand and attempt to put everything together without the proper tools and training?

Would you think being part of a Facebook group and watching a few youtube videos, sufficient to put together a product that is going to make you £50K profit?

Of course you wouldn’t

It’s the same with property

Can you guarantee to make money in property?

Of course there is money to be made

There are many different ways to make money in property

There are equally as many ways to lose money

And many people have found this out to their regret

If it can go wrong you can guarantee it has gone wrong for someone else at some time

And everything that can go wrong can go wrong at the same time

People tend to make the same common mistakes

The best way to give yourself a chance at making money is to invest in some education

You are investing substantial amounts of money into this so you don’t want to be trying to learn it as you go along

Invest in learning the different strategies in property and how to raise finance

Think about partnering with some one experienced until you are confident to have a go on your own

Until you have a bit of experience you will always have to pay others for their knowledge

And knowledge of property strategies is worthless without the construction knowledge to go with it

And unless you know otherwise you will always be at the mercy of others who don’t have your best interests at heart

Is getting educated only in peoperty strategies enough?

It’s not enough knowing about strategies and construction. Most importantly you have to learn how to work with builders that includes how to find builders  

Are you looking for a good builder or a cheap builder

Do you think that you are a competent client ? Would a builder want to work for you?

If things go wrong are you willing to take responsibility or will you say my builder is no good

Protect your capital

Remember that although it’s not worth doing it unless you make profit, the most important thing is protecting your capital

Protect your capital and the returns will naturally come

Lose your capital and its game over

So before you put a few hundred grand into a refurbishment put a few grand into yourself. As a result you will find it’s the best investment you will ever make


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