How to project manage a refurb for the first time


How to Project Manage a Refurb for the first time

You may have done many refurbs or never done one, but the time will come when you want to have a go at managing a project yourself

OK, then there are a few things you need to know

You can compare a refurb project to a machine

It is far easier to run a machine with few moving parts, rather then one with many moving parts

So try to eliminate or resolve as many things as you can before work starts

6 Key areas of Project Management

There are 6 key areas of project management

A Project Manager needs to focus on:

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Quality
  • Resources

3 Stages of a Construction Project

Anyone involved in the Management structure of a project will know about the 3 stages of a construction project

The Preconstruction phase

Any experienced Project Manager or property Developer knows that you will make or break any project in the preconstruction stage

This is where all the planning is done

Risks are identified and eliminated or mitigation measures are brought in

It is essential as PM that you have an accurate idea of costs

Arbritary figures will not do

The square metre method is not an advisable method to use.

But before anything it is essential that you understand your legal obligations under the CDM Regs 2015

Before profit your priority MUST be knowing how to run a safe site

An accident on site could result in you ending up in prison and having your company closed down

There are many reasons why people work unsafely

As a PM its up to you to prevent this happening

Before work starts there are a lot of things to get organised including finding builders, constructing a programme of works, organising deliveries, selecting materials, organising finance, writing a Specification document to name a few

But you need to have your act together

When you are at the top there is no-one to blame when things go wrong

So take your time and plan properly

Approach things in a methodical manner

Project Management Software

Many people think they need expensive project management software

But this is not true

You can quite easily run a large complicated project with Excel and Word

If you know how to use anything else that’s great

But don’t waste your time trying to learn something new and get distracted from the actual project

Go over every step of the project in your head

Think of everything that can go wrong and think of how to get around it

A problem that you cant deal with is going to cause delays

And delays are going to cost you money

The Construction Phase

Once the work starts its essential you do everything to help the builder

Well organised logistics are essential

You can’t afford to not have materials turn up on time

If there is an unexpected problem that stops work, reschedule the sequence of work so the project doesn’t stop

If you see something you don’t like raise it with the builder straight away. Don’t wait until the end when its going to be more expensive to rectify. It may be a case of miscommunication, so resolve it at an early stage

Quality Assurance inspections should be carried out after each piece of work is completed. Don’t wait until the end. One of the biggest causes of delays on projects is defective workmanship. This will cost you time and money

While you need to keep a close eye on everything, let the builder get on with his work. Don’t be checking up on him every 5 minutes

You can use your time far more productively making sure he has got everything he needs

The Postconstruction Phase

This is when the work is completed, but the project is not over yet.

There are many things that still need to be done. All paperwork and certificates have to be collated. Final accounts have to be settled. The site has to be cleared and all plant and equipment offhired. If there are any outstanding snagging issues these have to be dealt with. If you are selling the property now you will have to stage it and market it

And Finally

Just remember if everything goes wrong and the project is a total nightmare, its YOUR job to sort it out

Sometimes you just have to get out on site and get hold of the project by the scruff of the neck and drag it kicking and screaming over the line

Good luck and have fun!!!


If you need any help with planning or managing a project please contact us

We have extensive experience in projects of all sizes and offer a wide range of services to help people complete a successful project



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