How to work with a Project Manager? Thats something anyone considering hiring a PM must consider

Once you have decided to use a Project Manager you have made a decision that the scope of the project is beyond your experience and capabilities

That is a wise decision as undertaking a property development is a substantial financial undertaking

We have previously discussed Why you should use a Project Manager

The important thing now is to decide how to work with him

A good piece of advice is to let him do his job and stay out of the way

There is nothing worse from a PM’s point of view then a client constantly on the phone asking is everything alright and are there any problems?

Before you start agree clear responsibilities

Who is responsible for organising deliveries?

Who is responsible for paying suppliers?

How often will updates be provided?

How will you communicate? By phone, email, Whatsapp?

As the person paying the bills it is not unreasonable to ask for a Whatsapp message at the end of every day with pictures of the work carried out that day

However if you don’t want daily updates make that clear

You may want to visit site once a week to check on progress. If so try and make it the same time and day every week so as to not interrupt the work. The PM will have enough going on without having to deal with suprise visits

But once you have agreed a time and date don’t just turn up every time you feel like it. The PM will feel like you are trying to catch him out and that will cause bad feeling

If you feel the PM is not following your instructions then you need to let him know immediately. Don’t let little issues turn into big issues. Clear and open communication is vital

Once the project starts and you have concerns about the way the PM is managing the project or they wont listen to you it may be time to think if you have got the right person for the job

But at the same time make sure you do every thing you tell him you will. You can’t take your PM to task for not doing their job if you aren’t doing yours

There are 2 things that will drive your PM absolutely mad

The first is changing your mind halfway through the job. This will cause delays to the completion of the project and will incur additional sometimes substantial cost. The best time to make changes is before the project starts. This is when changes will cost the least

The second is adding extra works to the scope. This is called Scope creep 

If you keep adding extra items of work to the project you run the real risk of losing control of your budget and timescales. Avoid doing this at all costs

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