I want a cheap builder


I want a cheap builder. Thats something that a lot of people doing refurbishments say.

And our answer to that is always the same. Why?

Why do you want a cheap builder? Surely you should want a good builder?

Its understandable if you don’t have much money and something urgent needs doing in your home

But if you are reading this blog you are probably involved in property development.

Therefore it’s only natural to assume that you want to complete the best development not the cheapest

With the recent rise in build costs some developers have been tempted to try and cut corners on their refurb project to keep profit levels up

Now obviously you don’t want to waste money but if you want a certain level of quality there is a certain cost

So why should the builder be cheap?

What do you do for a living?

How about you go to work tomorrow and ask your Boss to drop your wages so he is getting you on the cheap?

What sort of developer are you trying to be? 

We would assume that no matter your budget you are trying to complete the best result possible, but maybe we are mistaken

Are you happy to churn out mediocre developments done on the cheap as long as someone buys it? If you are renting it out does it matter what standard it’s done to as long as someone rents it? Are you trying to match the standards of the professionals? Or couldn’t you care less as long as you make some money?

What exactly is a builder?

A builder is a skilled experienced person who is going to add value to your project

The fact that you need a builder means that you don’t know how to do the work yourself

So why should he use his years of experience to do your job on the cheap?

If you need a cheap builder because that’s the only way your project can work then maybe you should have a think about what you are doing and your best move may be to abandon the project

Is it realistic to think he is going to be happy and perform well if he feels cheated?

Do you think you are going to get any input from him when problems arise that you don’t know how to resolve?

Do you think good builders have cheap rates?

Make sure you don’t get overcharged but pay people what they are worth that way you will get the results you want

If you get a cheap builder the next thing you will be saying is my builder is no good

What are the risks with having a cheap builder?

Numerous studies in the construction industry show that when developers are trying to cut costs several things are sacrificed

The first things to go are safety and quality

One of the main causes of delays and extra expense on projects is poor workmanship leading to reworks

A cheap builder is very unlikely to have robust Quality Assurance procedures. Quality Assurance 

has a key role to play in any project no matter how small

Safety must ALWAYS play a central role in any project regardless of size or budget. Every developer must understand and implement the CDM Regs 2015 in their project. This is mandatory and non negotiable. There is a risk that a cheap builder will not adhere to these

Skilled labour isnt cheap and cheap labour isnt skilled

Always remember this. You get what you pay for. As long as you have a viable deal and you have done your preparation properly you will be able to successfully complete a profitable project to a good standard.

We are unanimous in our opinion that using cheap labour is a false economy on a refurbishment project

Instead of trying to cut costs with the labour, concentrate on improving your skills as a developer. That approach will always pay dividends


If you need help with accurate project costing or subcontractor sourcing please contact us. we have extensive experience with projects of all sizes and offer many services











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