measure twice cut once

Measure twice cut once what does this means?

It is a phrase that anyone in the construction industry who has done an apprenticeship will be familiar with. It means it is a lot easier to measure something and just check the measurement again before you cut it. That’s better then measuring it once then spending 20 minutes cutting it by hand and finding out it is too short and having to cut again

The cost of mistakes

Measuring mistakes can be very costly and cause significant delay to a project. If you measure the window openings half an inch too wide and get windows specially made and find they are too big that’s going to seriously hurt your budget. You will either have to pay for new windows or pay to have the window openings enlarged. And if you have ordered your concrete in cubic Metres instead of cubic Yards well then you are in trouble. Thats going to be a very costly error

The cost of wasting materials

Building materials are expensive. There is always a certain percentage of waste in any project. You don’t want to add to it by taking poor measurements. To the uninitiated it can sometimes seem as if tradesmen are talking in a foreign language. If the Carpenter tells you he needs a bundle of 2 be 1 batten and you don’t understand what he means be sure to clarify it with him. For clarification this means 2 inches by one inch batten. Don’t go getting him a piece of timber 2 Feet by 1 Foot wide. He wont be impressed and you will be quite a few pounds out of pocket

The impact of waste

Your aim should be to cut waste to the minimum. Wasted materials wont just impact your project financially. It can cause serious problems with the project programme. These are 2 things that you can do without. Both of them will cause you unneeded problems. They will also introduce unneccessary risk into your project

What is Margin Creep ?

You will have an idea how much your project will cost before you start. And you want to keep as close to that as posible. Your builder is obviously going to put a mark up on the cost of labour and materials. This is how he makes his profit. Lets say it costs him £100K and he charges you £120K. This means his margin is 20%. margin creep  means that cost of your your project is constantly rising. It will happen if you are constantly having to buy more materials to replace wasted ones. This could lead to you running out of money and being unable to finish the project. At best it will cause you problems with your cashflow

The impact on the project

Wasted materials can cause hold up’s while you wait for extra materials to arrive. This can end up causing delays in the programme. You may need to rearrange the sequence of activities. This can ultimately mean your project goes past the planned finishing date. All these problems are things you don’t need.


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