My builder is no good

My builder is no good

We have heard that one before, many many times. But lets have a look at that statement. Why exactly do you say he is no good? A builder is only as good as the information you give him. We are sure that among the many skills he lists on his website he has not included mind reading

How did this situation occur?

Ask yourself a few questions. Are you sure you made it clear to him what you wanted? Was he given  all the right drawings and specification documents? Did you walk through the job with him and go through everything? Or did you meet him prior to starting and sit down and discuss everything?

How did you find your builder?

How did you go about finding your builder ? Many people say its hard to find good builders. But if you do it right good builders are easy to find . But if you say he is no good you have to ask yourself why did you choose him? Did you just take the cheapest quote? Was he the nicest builder who came to quote? Were you looking for a cheap builder? Are you using your friend’s daughter’s boyfriend’s uncle’s mate from down the pub who does a bit of painting in his spare time but also said he was handy at a bit of tiling?

Did you communicate clearly what you wanted?

Be crystal clear on everything

If you want a tiled splashback behind the cooker make it clear that you want it 4 courses of tiles high. If not don’t complain when he tiles right up to the ceiling

When you want the ceiling in the bathroom painted make sure you tell him you want moisture resistant paint otherwise don’t complain when there are big streaks running down the wall after you have had a bath

If you are having a wall knocked out in the kitchen to install French doors make sure you give him a drawing showing the exact location and dimensions. If you just wave a hand and point in the general direction of where you want it he cant be blamed for getting it wrong

And if you change your mind on anything make sure to put it in writing and meet him on site to talk it through rather than just leaving him a voicemail

Are you sure its not your fault?

No one likes to admit they are wrong, but look back at your part in this

Did you under estimate your budget and were forced to try and cut costs by using cheap labour?

Could it be that you have taken on a project that’s too much for you and have got everything wrong and its nothing to do with the builder?


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