Project Management eliminate the variables

What does the above statement mean?

There are 6 key areas of project management

As a Project Manager the more control you have over every element of the project the less problems you will have. As a result you will have more chance of completing it successfully

A project from conception to completion may be composed of several hundred elements

What is a Project Manager responsible for?

You are responsible for everything.

The programme, sourcing of subcontractors may seem the obvious ones.

However sourcing of materials, material compliance, Quality Assurance, logistics are your responsibility.

Along with Testing and commissioning, liaising with the client, dealing with cashflow planning.

Dealing with building control and many other things mustn’t be overlooked

If you don’t keep a tight grip on it the project can easily slip out of your control. As a result you may never get it back

In a mathematical equation the constants are the things that never change. Similarly the variables are things that can change

In Project Management there are things that you absolutely know and can control (constants). And things that are fluid and you  cant control (variables)


Programme, this is a 12 week programme not a day more

Budget, its 100K not a penny more will be available

There is a 3 metre extension this will not change size

The key to successful Project Management is to eliminate as many variables as you can. If you can do this  before the project starts it will give you more control.

We will list some examples below with the solution


Variable: Deliveries may not turn up on time and cause delays

Solution: Have an alternative supply chain organised. In addition, space permitting have everything delivered at the start of the job

Variable: Poor workmanship might cause delay and extra expense

Solution: Pay proper tradesmen to do the work

Variable: Tradesmen might not turn up and cause delays to the job

Solution: Have alternative contractors lined up before the job starts

Variable: Unexpected problems might cause delay

Solution: As PM its your job to think of everything. Have solutions before you start and be able to avoid impact to your programme

Variable: The builder may misunderstand the design and build differently to it

Solution: Ensure clear communication and understanding before you start

Variable: Accidents on site may cause delay

Solution: As PM it is YOUR job to make sure the site is a safe one and people don’t get hurt. Above all safety should be your No 1 priority

Eliminate as many variables as possible before the job starts. As a result once it does you can concentrate on managing the actual work.

Problems will inevitably arise. It is better to deal with them in a proactive manner rather then a reactive one

If you can eliminate the variables before the project starts, 2 things will happen. Firstly, you will be under less pressure. Secondly, you will be more focused on things that might derail your project


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