Evbi Projects Management team have a wide range of experience across all sectors of construction in the UK

We are able to provide professional advice and guidance on many development related issues such as

• Project Feasibility Study
• Project Management
• Project Cost Calculation
• Material compliance
• Building Regulations
• Value Engineering
• CDM Regulations
• Quality Assurance
• Contractor Sourcing
• Material Procurement
• Inspection And Test Plans
• Health And Safety Plans

We work with people new to Property Development and help them to reduce unnecessary costs and improve efficiency in their project

We know that if you havent worked in the industry before the list of services above may mean nothing to you but they are all vital components in completing a successful Refurbishment project

There are many things that can go wrong on a project and the chances are that at some point we have seen it and know how to get around it.

We can help take the worry out of your project. We can also help you avoid being overcharged on labour and materials and avoid any unexpected costly suprises

We aim to bring your Project in on time and below budget and to achieve a superior product than you could have envisioned

What We Can Do For You

We understand that taking on a property refurbishment can be a daunting experience

It doesnt matter if its an investment property or your dream home, its a considerable financial investment

Regardless of the size of the project you want it to go as smoothly as possible without wasting money

There is a lot to consider including finding the right tradesmen, getting materials at the right price, complying with all the relevant Health and Safety obligations and understanding the technical details to name a few

We can offer a tailored service according to your needs

Whether you need advice on design, how to find tradesmen,avoid being overcharged on materials, complying with legislation, constructing a project programme, dealing with building control, all these and many other services we can offer

Alternatively we offer a full project management service

We can provide a full project execution team from concept to delivery

Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to discuss your needs and how we can help you