site set up essentials

Everyone involved in property development must know the site set up essentials

If you are going to be project managing your own site there are some essential things that you will have to know and do

CDM Regs 2015 is legislation from the Health and Safety Executive that imposes certain obligations on people in charge of construction projects who are engaged in commercial activity

If the main contractor has not agreed to assume this liability then it will fall to you

Security and welfare

You will have to consider the site security. You should set up a fence around the site. This will prevent people breaking in and stealing tools and materials. But also if they hurt themselves while inside, as the CDM duty holder you will be held responsible

You are legally obliged to provide toilet facilities as well as hot water and soap for people to wash their hands. If you are ripping out the toilets and bathroom you may need to hire in portable toilets. It is not acceptable to expect people to use the garden for a toilet

You must also provide a clean place for people to eat and there must be means of boiling water and heating food. This means providing a kettle and microwave. There must also be fresh drinking water. If it is not possible to allocate a room on the project for this then you will have to hire a portable site hut. It is not acceptable to expect men to sit in their cars/vans to eat

Running a safe site

The next thing you have to know is how to run a safe site . If you dont have sufficient knowledge yourself you should have  a CDM adviser visit the site and draw up a site safety plan. There should be site rules prominently displayed at the entrance to the site. You must make sure you have had a competent person write a set of RAMS for everyone to sign up to. You will have to comply with the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 as well as the Electricity at work Act 1989

Electricity on a construction site

If it’s a full refurb you may well be ripping all the electricity supplies out. However if it’s in the winter you will still need some form of lighting. In this case you will have to get some temporary lighting in there. So you will need to hire festoon lights or task lighting.

You will also need a 110 Volt transformer as 230 Volts are banned on construction sites. You will have to decide how you are going to power the transformer. A diesel generator is the best means

Preventing enviromental damage

You will have to hire a spill kit to prevent any spilt diesel causing environmental damage. You will have to think how you will store substances that are covered by COSHH legislation. Usually they are stored in a metal cage outside. Excess cement or concrete should never be tipped directly onto the ground from a mixer. They should be tipped into a wheelbarrow and then emptied into a skip

Other legal requirements

You will need a first aid kit and an accident book that is accessible at all times. The accident book is a legal document. Accordingly by law it must be kept for 3 years after an accident has been recorded.

Be sure to familiarise yourself with the requirements of RIDDOR 2013 . There is a maximum penalty of up to 2 years in prison and unlimited fines if you do not comply with this

Make sure that you have got all your insurances in place before you start. This includes your own personal policies as well as ones for the actual site

There is a lot to think about. And one single oversight could see someone injured or killed. It could see you go out of business or the HSE close your site down on the spot. Or you could find yourself in court

And these are just the bare essentials. A good property developer will think of the site set up essentials before they think of profit. The safety of everyone working on a project must ALWAYS be the number 1 priority for every developer

If you would like any advice on this please  contact us as we have decades of experience in running large construction projects. We offer a wide range of  services for projects large or small










































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