Using cheap labour is a false economy on a refurbishment project

Many people think they can complete a refurbishment project on the cheap

They think using skilled tradesmen is too expensive

They think they can do a quality project with semi skilled labour

Why do they think like this?

There are many reasons

They include inexperience and a lack of professionalism

Skilled labour isn’t cheap and cheap labour isn’t skilled

Ask any experienced and reputable contractor and they will say the same

Using cheap labour is a false economy on a refurbishment project

There is a reason skilled tradesmen are able to command high rates

Its because they know what they are doing. They are professionals.

If it was so easy to produce quality work, everyone could do it.

No one would bother doing an apprenticeship or spend years at college

Not knowing how to correctly estimate costs

If the only way your deal can work is by using cheap labour, then the deal isn’t that good

You either don’t have a realistic idea of what tradesmen charge

Or you have underestimated the extent of work needed

Some people thing using a professional is expensive

Well just wait until you have tried using amateurs

One of the main reasons any project is delayed and goes over budget is down to poor workmanship

When work has to be redone, sometimes more then once it can wreck a project

It can cause endless headache for a Project Manager

Is a Project Manager an uneccessary cost?

A lot of people think using a Project Manager is expensive

They cant see the benefits of using a Project Manager and try and do it themselves

Then you have the disastrous situation of an amateur project manager using cheap labour

When people complain my builder is no good there is usually more to it then the builder being no good

You will usually find that before that they were saying I want a cheap builder

The moral issue

Using cheap labour is not only extremely unprofessional it is morally wrong

It exploits those in the most deperate circumstances

It undercuts skilled tradesmen who pay tax

The benefits of paying for skilled labour

When you employ professional tradesmen you are not only getting a good standard of work.

You are also getting the benefit of all their experience.

When they encounter a problem they will find a way around it.

Cheap labour wont know what to do and will wait for you to tell them.

Or they will just continue and make the problem worse

Skilled tradesmen will reduce the cost of a project. Firstly they will save you money by being efficient and doing the job right first time. Secondly they will take a lot of the stress and worry of a project away from you

If you have a project coming up that you need help with contact us. We can show you how to plan it efficiently without having to cut costs on labour

This is one of the many services  we offer



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