What are the risks buying materials yourself for a refurb

Undertaking a refurb of a property is an expensive exercise

Many people don’t realise how much builders charge or how much materials cost

So when they get a builder to quote for a refurb they think he is expensive

The important thing to remember is he is not going to work for cost

He has to add something on for unexpected expenses and profit

So they look at ways of trying to save money

They will either look for a cheap builder or try and buy the materials themselves

Often they think they can pick n mix from the builders quote

They think if they buy some or all of the materials themselves it will work out cheaper

Sometimes it will and many times it wont

A builder buys all different materials every day

He knows who is cheapest, who is the most reliable and who can deliver the quickest

When you hire a builder on a fixed price contract he assumes most of the risk of the project

But if you are going to buy the materials yourself, now you have assumed part of the risk

You are now responsible for the logistics and deliveries

If you don’t get the materials there on time the builder is going to charge you for downtime

If he has got 4 men there on £200 a day and they cant work because there are no materials then that £800 cost is down to you

When you order the wrong stuff or there is a mix up at the wholesalers the delays are down to you

If you order the kitchen and a few parts are missing, the kitchen fitters may have to come back in a few weeks time

The extra days wages are down to you

If you are ordering bricks be careful

Facing bricks aren’t very robust and you generally lose about 10% to issues with transport and loading them out causing damage

So if the bricklayers have to stop work while you order more bricks then the extra cost is coming out of your pocket

It is no use saying my builder is no good when you have caused the delay

At the moment steel, timber and copper have seen steep price hikes

If the builder was ordering materials he would have to absorb these costs

If you order these materials yourself you could lose any saving you were hoping to make

Think carefully about this before you do it

Make sure you know exactly what you need and where to get it

You may get to the end of the job and find that far from saving money you are actually out of pocket and have had a whole load of headache

If you need help pricing and procuring materials please contact us. This is one of the many services we offer our clients

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