What is a handover pack on a refurbishment project?

When a project is completed the Main Contractor should give you something called a Handover Pack. This will be a collection of documents and Certificates detailing everything that has been installed on the project

What kind of things should be included?

It will contain the test results for the new electrics, Gas safety certificate for the new central heating/boiler. Also any Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm ,  security systems and  Asbestos survey results.

User manuals and warranties for all white goods, kitchen extract, bathroom fan etc should also be included. Any warrenties for these are needed as well. The pack  should contain all technical pamphlets that came with any products such as radiator valves,Boilers and electric showers

You should expect any documentation from Building control and party wall documents to be included

It is very important that it contains copies of all inspection and test plan and Quality Assurance documentation. Also its important that it contains details of any changes to the original drawings.These amended drawings are called Red Line Drawings

Will it add any value to your property?

It is important to have these documents if you intend to rent  the property as some of these documents are a legal requirement

It will  help if you are intending to refinance the property. This allows the Surveyor to see what changes have been made that are not visible to the eye. These show the work has been carried out by Professionals who are competent. It will also give reassurance to any potential buyers. If you intend to rent out your property then a handover pack will definetly be valueable. It will give any tradesmen doing alterations or repairs to the property information on how the property has been built. You will be glad in the future that you have a pack like this with all the documents in it

When should the handover pack be collated?

The pack should be put together as the project goes along. Getting the final documents together and arranging everything is one of the tasks carried out in the post construction stage. This is one of the 3 stages of a construction project. Sometimes it will take a bit of chasing up for documents from building control but these must not be overlooked



If you need any help with this please contact us as we have many years experience dealing with these









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