Materials compliance register


What Is A Materials Compliance Register?

A Materials Compliance Register (MCR) is a list of all materials that are permitted to be used on a project

Anything that is not on the MCR should not be permitted on site

When you send out tenders to builders you may have been very specific about the materials you want to be used. So you want to make sure you are getting what you paid for

What kind of things can you specify?

If you want timber that has come from sustainable forests then you don’t want it replaced with cheaper timber from non sustainable forests

You may have specified a particular brand of cable and electrical accessories. So a cheaper brand will still conform to the same British Standard (BS Number) and will look the same. But its not what you have paid for

Is it the job of the suppliers to check they are sending the right materials?

Often when a wholesaler doesn’t have a particular brand in stock they will substitute it for a similar sometimes inferior brand.

Alternatively you may have specified the cheapest brand and they have sent you a more expensive brand. If you have an account with them you wont know this as it wont have prices on the delivery note. You will only find out when you go to settle your account with the wholesaler

Why doesn’t the builder check all materials are correct?

When a builder quotes for materials he may quote you the price for the most expensive item. Once you have accepted his quote he may then attempt to supply a cheaper brand and increase his profit

So all deliveries to site should be checked against the MCR

This is another reason why you should give as much detail as possible when you are writing a  Specification Document

What happens when incorrect materials are used?

Using incorrect materials can lead to work having to be redone which will slow down the project and increase costs

You may  find that your builder has used more expensive materials then the ones on the MCR. In this case you can refuse payment for these. You can  classify them as disallowed costs. He can then take the work out and redo it at his own expense. Or leave them in with materials charged at the original price

But you wont be able to enforce this  if you don’t have an MCR in place before the project starts

You do not want to find yourself halfway through a project and realise you have overspent on materials and don’t have enough money left to finish the job because you weren’t monitoring what was being delivered to site

If you would like to discuss how an MCR can add value to your project please contact us


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