What is a Specification document

Before you send out tender packs to Builders/Tradesmen to price up your job you will first need to write a specification document pack

Specification document (Spec for short) is a document telling your prospective builder exactly what work is required

What needs to be in the Spec?

The Spec will detail the scope of works, the materials to be used, finishes to be applied, heights of light switches, cabinets etc

The more detail the better

If you dont give your builder all the information he needs then you cant complain your builder is no good

How To Write One

Just write it in plain English. If you don’t know the technical terms for things don’t worry about it

At this stage the builder hasn’t even seen the job this is just to give him an idea of whats required so that he can accurately price for it

You dont want to be drip feeding him information as the job goes along

That will only create confusion and cause delays and extra expense

You want him to have the whole picture before he starts

There are several ways to write one

On big jobs there will be a separate one for each individual trade

There may also be one for every single room

But on a simple house refurb that is not necessary

If you are having the whole house replastered,rewired and redecorated there is no need to repeat it for every room

Be specific

Put specific details such as:

All sockets to be at a height of 450mm to top

Light switches to be on left hand side of doors at a height of 1600mm to top

All newly installed skirting boards to have knotting applied prior to painting then sanded down to smooth finish

2 coats of undercoat to be applied before Gloss coat

IP rated light fitting to be installed in bathroom

LED downlighters to be installed in kitchen

Garden wall to be at a height of 4 Feet

Bricks to be yellow stocks

Bond to be Flemish garden wall bond

Coping stones to be grey, once weathered

Do you just write one Spec?

Once you have completed the Construction Spec it is a good idea to prepare a separate Spec for the finishes and decorating

This will detail the kinds of tiles,colour of paint,finishes etc

Include any photos, drawings and sketches that may help

It is worth spending time on this as it could save you thousands on quotes and avoid misunderstanding and extra expense once the project has started


If you need help or advice in creating a specification document please contact us

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