Why a low price from a builder can be as bad as a high price

When accepting tenders from builders a lot of people will get 5 or 6 prices and go with the lowest one

People are always wary of being overcharged

But that doesn’t always mean the others are overpricing and you have picked the best builder

Sometimes it means the opposite

What could a low tender mean?

If a builder puts in a price substantially lower then the others, there could be several reasons for it

One of them is that he has underestimated how much work is involved

He may be inexperienced and be overconfident in his abilities

Or he may not have done this particular job before and doesn’t realise the potential problems that may occur

How can this affect your project?

If there is 8 weeks work there and he says he can do it in 5, you are going to be making other plans for when he has finished

If he doesn’t finish when he said he would that may mean you have to delay bringing other tradesmen in to follow after him

This can throw your project programme right out of sequence

Or after 5 weeks he realises he cant finish in time for that amount of money

When he sees that he has another 3 weeks work there he could be asking for more money that you haven’t budgeted for

If you cant give it to him he may walk off and leave you with a half finished job

Then you will need to find more money and possibly someone else to come in and finish it

Another possibility is that he will realise that he cant finish in the time frame he gave you, so he will rush the remaining work and produce shoddy results

A low price can also mean that he hasn’t read the tender documents properly

When he starts work and realises what he has missed, he will be asking for extra money and you may not have  it

Disputes over money are one of the main reasons why people fall out with their builder

Sometimes there is a more sinister reason

The builder may have spotted that you have missed out some crucial elements from the design

For example, he knows full well that these are expensive works that you will have to get done

He wont say anything and tender 5 grand less knowing that there is another 20 grands worth of work needed

Then when he  gets halfway through the job he will then bring your attention to the missing elements

Once he has made you aware of this he will tell you that he cant finish the project unless you agree to these works

That is one situation you don’t want to find yourself in

There are a few examples of this

He may have spotted that your structural design is wrong

It may be that you have asked for the wrong kind of foundations

Or it could be your project is in a conservation area and you want him to do modifications that he knows are not allowed

This is not to suggest that the majority of builders are like this. Far from it

However its an unfortunate truth that far too many people have found themselves in situations like these


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