Why use a project manager


You may be asking yourself why use a Project Manager on a refurb project?

Everyone has watched Homes Under The Hammer. There are numerous episodes where budding property developers with no experience buy a property to refurbish and decide to Project Manage it themselves

9 times out of 10 they will make a disaster of it. They will only be saved by the builders taking charge and rising house prices

This does them no favours as now they think they are successful Project Managers. They then eagerly rush off to make a mess of the next project

Project Management is a highly skilled profession

If you are investing several hundred thousand pounds into a project and have no experience why would you take the chance of trying to manage it yourself?

Project Managers aren’t cheap but whatever it costs you to employ one they should save you at least that much in total project costs. They can do this by making your project more efficient and reducing waste in time and materials. Not to mention the headache they will save you

An experienced project Manager will understand the  6 Key Areas Of Project Management

Your PM will ensure that all resources are ready and a comprehensive work plan is in place before a project starts

He will be able to manage the logistics and will be able to forsee problems in advance. A good PM will take steps to mitigate these issues by replanning and rescheduling different tasks when needed

He will be experienced in a diverse range of projects. And will have a good understanding of Quality Assurance and construction materials.

He will be able to monitor the progress of works and monitor cashflow. Also he will have connections in the industry that he can call on for advice. And he will be able to call up extra resources if the project gets in trouble. An experienced PM will be used to dealing with builders. And he will know all the little tricks they use to cut corners and hide things.

Its not so much that he will know how to manage the project. It’s the fact that he will have seen projects go wrong in the past and will know how to overcome problems when they arise. This knowledge can be essential in rescuing a project that has run into trouble

But most importantly he will be protecting your investment

He is there to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget. Regardless of how many problems he has to overcome. Property investment can be a risking business. It makes sense to hire a professional and take some of the risk out of it. It also gives your investors extra assurance. They will be more comfortable knowing their investment is in the hands of a professional

We have previously dealt with the subject of  How to work with a Project Manager . Communication between the client and the PM is essential. You both need to know what theother expects of you. Agree on some guidelines before you start

Our Project Managers are all experienced and are members of the Association for Project Management. If you need help with managing your project please get in touch here. Once you have worked with us you wont be asking “Why Use A Project Manager on a refurb project?”




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