why you dont need project management software

There are many reasons why you don’t need project management software

Far too many people get caught up in the mindset that you can’t complete a successful refurb project without using project management software. However that is not true

Why isn’t it true?

It’s a well known fact in the army that the best rifle wont make a bad marksman a good marksman

The same goes for project management

Unless you know what you are doing as a project manager, the best software in the world wont improve your practical skills

Of course an easy to use software package can help you to get organised

But there is no point having a well organised list of tasks that you are unable to execute

Being Prince 2 qualified will be worthless if you don’t know how to get hold of a project that has turned into a disaster and turn it around and get it over the line

project management software

Does software teach you the skills you need?

You can’t learn practical  skills sat behind a laptop.

Many people have made the mistake of trying to run a project from an office. You have to understand that you need to be out on site , seeing what is going on. Problems need to be resolved on the spot. People can’t be standing around all day waiting for you to leave your office. And your laptop wont be able to tell you what to do

How were things done before?

As recently as 30 years ago computers , mobile phones and emails weren’t used on construction projects

If you wanted to give the builder a drawing or issue a site instruction , you had to write to them

If they were out on site it was impossible to get hold of them. you had to phone their office and leave them a message.

Those were the days when builders and Engineers walked around with a pencil behind their ear

Design changes were scribbled on bits of paper or on the wall

Project programmes were pinned up on the wall in the office

When they were updated they had to be sent off to get printed

Similarly site plans were drawn by hand by teams of draughtsmen

And this worked fine. Massive infrastructure projects still managed to be built

project management software

Which software packages are used in industry?

These days there are a plethora of software packages used on construction projects

Trimble, Primavera P6, MS project, BIM 360, Amtech, Bluebeam amongst others are routinely found on construction projects

But it is entirely possible for a good project manager to deliver a project with a million pound build cost using nothing more then a prestart checklist, Excel and Outlook

However the difference is someone like that will have the knowledge and experience to go with it


We offer many services  with project management being among them

If you would like to know how to run a project without buying expensive software please contact us

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