You cant pick n mix from the builders quote

When you ask a builder to give a quote for a job he will do exactly that.

Good builders are easy to find and are multiskilled and knowledgeable

He will give you a price for all the labour and materials to complete the full job that you have asked him to quote for.

The quote will include his time for organising everything.

It will include him using his connections to find materials, plant and equipment

He will put a mark up on the men and materials he is supplying

He will also build some profit into his quote

This is just standard practice

They think they can find a cheap builder

So they think that they can make savings on the builders profit

They decide they will get some or all of the materials themselves

Then they say they will get family or friends to do various parts of the work

They are treating the builders quote like a pick n mix selection

What they are now asking him to do bears no relation to what he quoted for

Why do people think they can do this?

The builder is trying to run a business

You can’t try and stop him earning money at every opportunity

Its almost as if they resent the builder making money

What previously looked like a good job to the builder now looks like a load of hassle for very little profit

So if you treat him like this how can you expect him to show much interest in the job?

He will probably take the job if he has nothing else on

But as soon as he finds something better don’t be surprised to find your job is bottom of his list of priorities

All those materials you bought to save money might be sitting on an empty job with no one there to install them

You wouldn’t go into a restaurant and ask for the price of the set menu

Then ask is it ok to bring your own vegetables and dessert?

And say your friend will serve the coffee

So can they knock some money off the bill?

So why do people think they can do that to a builder?

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